7 reasons why Sushi Tsushima is the best sushi catering service in NYC

Are you tempted to prepare your own food at a party? Well it is normal to do so however cooking for any event can be challenging. If you are planning an event, it is important to note that not all caterers are created equal. For this reason, you would want to hire the best caterer to do the job. It can be nerve wrecking to choose the right one as there are many options from type of menu to set up. This can cause a headache. Remember that a caterer can make or break any event. There are few factors that are important to consider when hiring a caterer particularly sushi catering services in NYC. Quality of food, affordability, reputation and professionalism are just some of the things to look for. If you think that deciding on which caterer to hire is not important, think again. A good caterer can come to the rescue if to have an amazing event. You wouldn’t want guests running to the doors.

Oftentimes catering is not the number one on the list when it comes to costing. Catering plays a significant budgetary decision that can influence various areas of the whole event. The truth is caterers vary in terms of pricing, services and meals. It can feel like comparing apples and oranges. Although this is the case, this should not be set aside because hiring a caterer is a wise choice since they have proper equipment and they have the experience.

Sushi Tsushima is a sushi catering NYC service provider. It is offering catering services for people in New York City. They specialize in all kinds of sushi and other Japanese dishes. Here are 7 reasons why they are the best caterer in town.


1. The master chef of Tsushima is incorporating best techniques from Japan.

Chef Tsugio Tsushima has mastered the art of sushi making. Being served by a talented artist is simply priceless. The chef has years of experience and he is the greatest asset of the company. Chef Tsugio Tsushima has the ability to create something that is unique and it will be shown in your catering set up. It is hard to find a chef that creates edible art that both pleasing and delicious at the same time. The chef has dedicated his life creating traditional Japanese cuisine. He has brought his knowledge and life experience in New York. This can be considered as a plus point to hire the sushi catering NYC service. It makes Tsushima unique from other caterers in town.

2. Tsushima ensures that every ingredients used to create the menu is always fresh especially when it comes to sushi.

This is the reason why sushi catering NYC is very popular option for any events. The emphasis of the company is the preparation of food. They ensure that only high quality raw ingredients are used. They have partnered with well-established suppliers who operates under high standards. These companies supply vegetables, fish, meat and other seafood. They constantly observe the procedures of each supplier from processing, transporting to packaging. The salmon and tuna are prepared manually so it retains quality. For fruits and vegetables, every piece is selected based on size, color, and smell. Everything is made to order a day before your event. The ingredients were just caught or harvested that will be served on the table.

3. The sushi catering NYC price is very affordable.

Let us face it, a good chunk of money goes to catering. It can make or break everything. Take the time to weigh your options when selecting a caterer. Take note of the number appetizers and entrees in the package. Tsushima offers great packages that includes sushi set up and other Japanese items. It also include appetizers, salad, main course and dessert. As we all know sushi can get very expensive especially if it is crafted by a notable chef. Tsushima is different. The head chef made it affordable so that everyone can enjoy sushi.

4. Tsushima has over 10 years of experience catering events and parties all throughout New York City.

Caterers with this experience are committed to excellence and satisfaction of their customers. However take note that the length of a company’s experience is not that important as it doesn’t translate to great catering service. You also need to consider the background and experience of the chef and the kitchen staff. They are solely responsible for the outcome of the whole dining experience at the event. Tsushima is willing to do everything to surprise the guests and willing to delivery tasty food with a great service.

5. Sushi Tsushima specializes on hotel based catering.

Setting your event a hotel? This is their forte. They know the proper way of catering set up at any luxurious hotel in the city that never sleeps. As we all know not all caterers are the same. Some can cater a BBQ event while others can cater at formal ballroom party. There are caterers who may not be accustomed to preparing and serving at the hotel. You need to choose a caterer who has prior experience working at any venue. Tsushima has worked at a hotel venue before. They know all the rules of any hotel in New York City. Hotels might have restrictions that caterers must follow like set up policies and garbage regulations. Having a caterer who knows all of these can save anyone from hassle.

6. Every part of New York City is covered by their services.

This city is known to be cosmopolitan and the team of sushi catering NYC is ready to take on whatever event you want to have. NYC is true to its name as the city that never sleeps. Parties and events happening all over the city. Having a catered event is a norm but it is frustrating if you don’t how to choose the right caterer. Tsushima is the best option for any event or meeting anywhere in New York City. The best sushi caterer in NYC can be hired for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7. Try Sushi Tsushima once and you know the reason why they are the best.

The sushi variants that will be serving are fresh and artfully presented by a team of professionals. They are also passionate and updated with latest industry trends. The team is led by a master chef who has experience in the hospitality and culinary industry. Innovation plus skills equals exquisite and delectable food. From the ingredients to the execution, everything is impressive. The menu of Tsushima is designed to suit the taste of everyone, occasion and budget. The perfect service is also a must for any event. The team of the best sushi catering in NYC is one of the best. They will exceed expectations in every aspect of catering event.

Surprise your guest at your next event. Make it a special one. Hire the best sushi catering in NYC. Contact us today!

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