Sushi Tsushima

Spend the fun filled weekend at Sushi Tsushima

If you happen to be at the Grand Central area and want a taste of authentic Japanese, Sushi Tsushima is the place to go. During weekdays, the place is filled with business people. However the scene changes during weekend.  The owner wants to hone close family ties. Family time is considered to be a treasure these days especially for those who living a busy life. Parents are busy with work while children are also busy with school. For this reason, they started weekend specials for the whole family.  The result is successful as the restaurant become the best place for get together and reunions.

high chair for baby is available (only main dining in weekend)
high chair for baby is available (only main dining in weekend)

These days it is hard to find a sushi restaurant that is kid friendly especially in New York City. Although Sushi Tsushima is a high end restaurant, their menu is versatile and it includes kid’s meal like fried chicken.  There are other dishes to try.  Another adventure to try is to introduce your kids to different kinds of sushi. Note to Parents: Remember kid friendly time only happens on Saturday and Sunday. Kids under 5 years old are not allowed on weekdays. Children are also not allowed on the sushi bar.

What are you waiting for? Spend the weekend at                                                                             Sushi Tsushima.


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210 East 44th Street New York, NY (bet, 2nd & 3rd Ave)
(212) 207 – 1938